Scopri il Gusto dei Sapori di Parma Discover the flavors
of Excellences from Parma
ParmaSapori selects the best Food excellences Healthy and genuine agri-food products that satisfy the palate Fast and safe shipping. FIND OUT MORE
Culatello di Zibello DOP Culatello of Zibello DOP
Culaccia e Fiocco
the best parts of Parma ham they are created to offer emotions to the palate. unique products from Italy ... BUY IT NOW !
Scopri il Gusto dei Sapori di Parma Tasting Offers
of Excellences from Parma
Discover our offers to savor the typical flavors of Parma BUY IT NOW ! Be first to try out our selected products
Alt Parma Ham DOP:
Excellence of Tradition
Parma ham is a good, healthy and genuine product. without preservatives, additives is a healthy and tasty product completely natural BUY IT NOW !
Alt Parmesan DOP
the king of cheeses
Produced with only 3 ingredients: milk, salt and rennet Savor it in its different ages 12 - 24 - 30 -36 - 40 - 48 months An unmistakable and unique taste BUY IT NOW !
Alt White and Red Wines
for True Connoisseurs
BUY IT NOW ! The best wines from the Parma hills Grapes expertly squeezed by master vintners a delight for your palate
Alt His Majesty
the Porcino Mushroom
Sovereign of the woods and all the tables sought after and appreciated, strong flavor, the intense unmistakable aroma the most noble, the most visually beautiful, the tastiest in the kitchen. BUY IT NOW !
Alt The Black Gold
of Modena
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a condiment with an ancient history excellence guaranteed by the DOP and IGP designations aged in fine wooden barrels BUY IT NOW !


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ParmaSapori Parma Excellences

online Shop of typical food products

Parmesan Cheese DOP - Parma Ham DOP - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - Wines from the Parma hills

ParmaSapori offers the best Parma Food Excellences online its typical products of the Food Valley Territory such as Parmesan Cheese DOP aged 12 - 24 - 30 - 36 months, Parma Ham DOP and other Emilian cured meats such as Culatello, Salami of Felino IGP, the coppa, the fiocco, the typical bacon, the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the wines from Parma hills.

Discover the flavors of Parma with ParmaSapori !!

Parmesan Cheese

Parma Ham and others

Balsamic Vinegar

Tipical Wines & Spirits

Kitchen Pantry

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Porcini Mushrooms



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