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Antica Ardenga is a small company that produces limited amounts of Lower Parmense sausages.

The "Low" is a coastal area of the Po River, in the province of Parma, which has always been voted, by tradition and ideal climate, to the production of high-quality cured meats.

Surely, the best known and appreciated local product is the "CULATELLO", undisputed king of Italian norcineria; The realization of other sausages, all of which have always been linked to local traditions, is also quite extensive.
The company is one of the thirteen producers who give life to the Consortium of the Culatello of Zibello, Slow-Foodgarrison, as well as producer of Mariola (raw and baked) and Raw Shoulder (with and without bone), also slow-Food principals.
Production is concentrated in the winter period; in fact it is only in winter that our harsh climate, with its fog and "galaverna" allow to work in a traditional way the meat, as did and still do the local Norse house by house.
Next are our humid cellars with the ideal microclimate that, together with the weather and the prevailing fog, help to make them unique.
To respect tradition, our pigs are like those of the past: born and raised on the farm, fed with the company's products, brought to 14 months of life and slaughtered around 260 kg.
Of course the whole thing is "O.G.M. free".

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  • Zibello Culatello DOP 4 kg ca. Quick view
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    Zibello Culatello DOP 4 kg ca.

    Soft, delicate, sweet, with a scent and a pleasant persistence even superior to its fame, it is an irresistible goodness to enjoy in company accompanied by a good red wine.

    254.55 €
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