Typical cured meats

It is almost impossible to count all the cured meats of the Parmesan territory. The most celebrated are the Zibello Culatello, the Feline Salami, the Cooked Shoulder of San Second and then Cup, Bacon, Flake, Mortadella, Cicciolata, Strolghino.


  • Prosciutto Di Parma DOP

    The prosciutto di parma is a typical charcuterie of the province of Parma; more precisely the production area is located 5 km south of the Via Emilia, up to an altitude of no more than 900 m, delimited to the east by the Enza stream and to the west by the Stirone stream.

  • Culatello DOP -...

    Culatello di Zibello D.O.P, the King of Ham, in all its goodness and sweetness.
    There are many similarities between Culatello and Culaccia; confusing the two cured meats is easier than it seems. Culaccia, or Culatta, is none other than Culatello wrapped in rind, it is a typical salami of western Emilia, especially of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza.

  • Salami

    Felino PGI seasoned salami is obtained from the mixture of pure Italian pork, and is a typical Parmesan salami.
    Strolghino is a small salami typical of the Lower Parma area, the areas close to the Po river. Considering its small size, this salami is eaten young.

  • Seasoned Coppa

    Coppa di Parma is an Italian cured meat based on pork with a protected geographical indication, typical of some areas of Emilia and Lombardy.

  • Rolled Pancetta of Parma

    Parma bacon. Pancetta di Parma is a sweet and soft cured meat with a light and particularly aroma, it is obtained from the belly of the pig, whose meat is trimmed, salted, spiced and left to rest; its typical shape is obtained by rolling the bacon part and the cup part. The alternation of lean (red) and fat (white) parts make this product a visual and tasteful masterpiece.

  • Cooked cured meats

    The Cooked cured meats line includes all the products which, after being handcrafted, are steamed. The slow and delicate steam cooking allows you to preserve the tenderness and sweetness of the meat and enhance its flavor. The flagship product is part of this line: the Spalla cotta di San Secondo.

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